Email Problems

If you have not received emails from this site, or they end up in your spam filter, it indicates that you have a spam filter blocking messages from this site. The messages from this site come from

The filter could be from software you have on your system, or from your internet service provider. If you receive email through a company network, that could be the problem. There are several possible solutions, depending on where the block is.

First, add the following to your personal email address book:  

First Name: ZZZZZZZ

Last Name: ZZZZZZZ                                                                    

Email Address: 

Next, go to the missing classmates section of the website and enter your own address there and send the email to yourself. If you receive it, your problem is solved. If not, go to the next step, but the problem can become much more difficult. 

If you have any type of anitvirus software, there may be a spam filter there. Follow the instructions provided with that software to whitelist emails. Whitelisting may be referred to as a safe senders list. 

If you use a web based email service, such as yahoo or hotmail, there should be instructions regarding spam and whitelisting.  

Many internet service providers will filter what they think is spam. Check your spam filter with your internet service to see if the message is there. You might have to check with your provider to solve the problem.  

Unfortunately, there are so many possibilities that there is no specific instruction to give that will solve all possibilities.  

If are unable to locate the problem, send an email to and explain your problem. 

In the meantime, continue to check the site to keep up with Reunion and classmate information.