Missing Classmates

The names on this list are those for whom we have no email address or a street address for them. If a person registers on the site, they are automatically removed from the "Missing Classmates" list.

If you have information on any of these classmates, please enter their email address in their profile and an invitation will be sent to them.  If you have a way to contact them, please let them know about the site.  If you wish, click the "Contact Us"  tab and send the contact information to us and we will contact that person.


Ellouise Bales (Entrikin)
Mike Barrett
Diann Burkett
Le Vaughn Burrell
Linda Burross (Burkett)
Eugene Cabral
Fred Chestnut
Pat Clayworth
Bob Coody
Dick Cowan
Ruth Ellen Crane (Smith)
Janet Crawford
Fred Curry
Chris Daley
Raymond Davis
George Dickey
Joan Douglas (Tutt)
Pat Dowell
Janice Driskill (Hargrove)
Jerry Edmiston
Carolyn Entrikin (Gottlieb)
Sylvia Everett
Robert Farnham
Diana Farr (Smith)
Gene Ficklin
David Fowler
Betty Fox
Betty Fuchs (Shatwell)
Janie Fulmer (Marlin)
Bob Gaston
Reta Gibbs (Smith)
David Gilmore
Brian Graham
Gwen Guillet (Logan)
Jerry Harper
Chris Harvey
Janis Harvey (Windham)
David Horn
Chuck Houston
Charles Hurt
Sandra Irby (Norris)
Harris Jackson
Linda Jackson
Wanda January. (Barncastle)
Fay Jeter (Shoran)
Barbara Ann Johnston
Gary Jones
JoNan Kilgore (Richardson)
Nancy Lee
Robert Lee
Ronny Lewis
Bobby Lile
Mary Marciniak
Tommy Mayfield
Sylvia McGee
Mike McKeever
Selma Metcalf (Stephens)
Ann Miller
Nancy Rose Miller (Coker)
Janetta Mills (Moore)
Sue Morris (Greene)
Florence Norris
Joy Nugen
Francine Patterson
Ricky Perry
Barbara Powell
Raynell Powers (Hansen)
Billy Price
David Quinn
Jack Ralston
Jane Ranier
Sheila Rankin (Rawls)
Linda Reed
Gary Ricketts
Geary Roberts
Darlene Robertson
Charlotte Rochester (Hanks)
George Sawdy
Lova Seely
Louis Selam
Billy B Skinner
Connie Smith (Davis)
Gary Smith
Betty Smithies
Jan Snider (Moore)
Garry Snyder
Rebecca Snyder
Larry Spangler
LaVern Spencer
Thurman Stewart
Irene Stinnett
Carol Sturgis
Ruth Sturm (Taylor)
Ronald Swadley
Wayne Taylor
Ronny Thomas
Tony Thornton
Davy Todd
Tommy Trezona
Golda Tucker (Young)
Billy Wade
Bill Walton
Billy Warfield
Naoma Watson
Nancy Weese
Lenore Wehking
Sandra Wrotenberry
Doris Young

Guest Members

Roy Boutwell
Byron Donaho
Karen Jo Fouts (Brewer)